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“ Ride Hard, Live Free ”
​  全力滑雪、自由生活   - Rusty Lin
     沒有華麗背景、沒有響亮頭銜,卻有一副渴望自由的靈魂,為了追求自由,辭去穩定的工作,帶著一點點積蓄,在澳大利亞,新西蘭,日本和加拿大展開了多年的背包客流浪生活。 並在旅行的過程逐漸沉迷於雪山生活。 同時,也對於滑雪教學產生無比熱情。進而成為加拿大、日本和澳大利亞當地滑雪學校少數的華人滑雪教練,是首位考取加拿大CASI單板三級執照的華人教練,更是目前唯一一位出身於無雪國家的滑雪教練考官。



國際滑雪指導員執照 Certifications

  • 加拿大 單板  CASI三級指導員&CASI訓練官&考官

       Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors ( CASI ) 

       * Level 3 Instructor/Trainer/ Evaluator

  • 加拿大 單板 花式特技  一級指導員

       CASI Snowboard Park / Freestyle Instructor Level 1

  • 加拿大 雙板  一級指導員

       Canadian Ski Instructors' Alliance ( CSIA ) Level 1

​相關技術檢定 Qualifications
  • 加拿大雪崩安全技術訓練二級 ​​  

       Avalanche Skills Training ( AST ) Level 2

  • 澳大利亞國際緊急救護技術訓練​  

       National First Aid Training

國際教學資歷 Teaching Experience


  • 加拿大 露意絲湖Lake Louise滑雪學校


  • 澳大利亞 布勒山Mt Buller滑雪學校  




  • 日本 北海道 二世古NISS滑雪學校


  • 日本 長野 白馬八方EVERGREEN國際滑雪學校




For the pursuit of freedom, he spent years backpacking around Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Canada. Through seasons worked in different ski resorts, he easily addicted to the life style of snow mountain. At the same time, found out his enthusiasm in snow sports and consider it as his life time career.

Combining with passion and profession, he’s doing his work with all his heart and soul, always thinking about how to improve his students’ riding with better teaching methods also let them feel more fun and safe, that’s the reason which made him became one of the few Asian instructor who work for the popular ski school in Canada and Australia.


Therefore, since he received the complete training system by ski schools, let him could use the various experiences and technologies to instruct students and pass on knowledge of snowboarding/skiing techniques more effectively.


Follow him, you will own a chance to explore the secrets of challenging trails, to overlook the beautiful snow view from the summit of mountains, to search for the traces of powder and enjoy the one of the kinds experience.


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